Artist helping restaurants with window art to advertise they’re still open

Artist helping restaurants with window art to advertise they're still open

Restaurants around the Tennessee Valley are still grappling with not being able to have customers eat or drink anything in the establishments.

Some folks are stepping up to try and help them through these uncertain times.

WAAY-31 spoke with a Huntsville resident about the acts of kindness he’s doing to help out these businesses.

Most restaurants are staying open, but are only taking to-go orders or curbside pick up orders.

Though the doors are locked on the outside and they may look closed… one man is painting signs on the windows to let people know they’re still open.

“Coming up with creative ways, spread the word that they’re still up and open. Facebook works but stuff like this really helps and I think a nice, appealing sign really helps get the message out,” said Hunter Vroonland.

Hunter Vroonland told WAAY-31 he painted on the windows of Cork and Crust to remind people that the pizzeria and wine bar is definitely open.

Restaurants can stay open…they just cant serve people inside.

Vroonland told us since everything closed he noticed more people have been outside… not less.

“It’s funny that we’re having to stay 6 feet apart but people are getting closer,” he said.

Vroonland has two sources of income, so he’s stable for now…but he told us he is getting nervous.

But like so many people have told us they think we’ll get through this just fine.

“It’s scary and at some point as long as we’re doing our part, staying away from each other, hopefully, we’ll be alright,” he said.

Vroonland told WAAY-31 he’d be happy to help any business that needs it during this hard time.