Business owners in Huntsville prepare to re-open
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Small businesses across North Alabama are preparing to re-open on May 1. As of right now, Governor Kay Ivey has not extended the stay-at-home order.

The store owner of May May's told WAAY 31 the store has barely had any income over the last few weeks even with a curbside pick up. The owner says she's taking every precaution so people feel safe when her shop re-opens.

"Small businesses are the heartbeat of the city and we are all also all on life support right now," said Owner of May May's, Megan Powe.

"We have gone from being so very busy all the time, like every day of the week we've been open, we've been busy, not just Fridays and Saturdays, to having zero revenue," said the owner of Cabana Wax, Alison Dennis.

Business owners in North Alabama say they are struggling to make ends meet right now.

"Our bills haven't stopped coming," said Dennis.

Megan Powe owns May May's Huntsville, a children's clothing store. Powe's eager to open up her store again, but she knows there's several changes that need to be made in order to do it safely.

"We plan on cleaning and following all federal guidelines," said Powe.

Powe says there are typically only about three people in her shop at one time. Even then, she'll be passing out hand sanitizer to her shoppers and disinfecting surfaces.

"Doors bathrooms, keypads," said Powe.

Powe isn't the only one taking precautions.

"They will be sanitizing the door handles and of course, like always, our stuff is one-time use and it's disposable. We will be cleaning the treatment tables with medical-grade cavicide," said Dennis.

Alison Dennis owns Cabana Wax. She says she will be screening people before they enter the building.

"You cannot come if you have any symptoms of COVID, if anyone in your household does, if you've been in an airport in the past fourteen days or if you've been on a plane in the past fourteen days," said Dennis.

Both store owners are hoping on May 1, their businesses are back open.

"I don't know if we would make it past June first with no revenue," said Dennis.

Both store owners tell WAAY 31 their employees will be wearing masks during store hours.


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