Close-contact business owners concerned as Coronavirus cases rise
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WAAY 31 is hearing from owners of local businesses, after CEO of Huntsville Hospital, David Spillers, said if the Madison County masking order doesn't lower cases, places like nightclubs and close contact businesses need to close.

"I think the next step if this doesn't work we. I mean the state's going to have to have to look at whether they allow close contact organizations and businesses to remain open," said Spillers.

At Devotion Tattoo, the owner says as cases rise, he gets more concerned that his shop may have to close again, so he's doing everything he can to slow the spread of Coronavirus.

"It was completely mind-blowing. Six weeks of having the shop closed, you're definitely going to feel it," said Devotion Tattoo owner, Jeffrey Alan Duke.

Jeffrey Alan Duke owns a tattoo shop called Devotion Tattoo. He says after having to shut down his shop back in march, he can't imagine doing it again.

"It's very frightening. I'm concerned for myself and everyone else in the close-contact business. There's going to be a lot of people out of work," said Duke.

As cases increase, he says he is getting more nervous.

"I wouldn't be surprised if it happened," said Duke.

Duke says he is making sure his shop doesn't contribute to the spread of Coronavirus.

"If someone comes in for a procedure, you have to make an appointment first and when you come in, you should have a mask on. We have everyone sanitize their hands every time they come in and out and we wash our hands very often as well," said Duke.

Duke isn't the only one taking precautions.

"I'm doing everything that I know possibly to do," said salon owner, Dawn John.

Dawn John owns a small hair salon, and says she is screening people before they enter her shop.

"If they've been around anybody that's had COVID. If they are running a temperature. I have a thermometer. I check their head," said John.

John says she disinfects after each customer leaves.

"So I'm just keeping my shop to my best ability, sanitized and clean," said John."

Both John and Duke say their focus is keeping clients healthy.

"I'm very happy to do whatever we can and try to keep people safe," said Duke.

Both owners say they are requiring all clients to wear masks.


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