Clouds block Alabama National Guard's Huntsville flyover
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Dozens gathered at Huntsville Hospital down Governors Drive hoping to see the Alabama National Guard's flyover supporting front line health care workers.

The National Guard said it did happen as scheduled around 12:45 p.m., but wasn't visible from the ground because of heavy cloud cover.

Nurses, doctors and families gathered in the streets - some for more than an hour, with their phones out all waiting to catch the perfect shot of the planes - but the weather interfered with that.

The Alabama National Guard shared a statement with WAAY 31 saying:

"We greatly apologize to everyone who was looking forward to seeing us. you were not forgotten and you are all highly appreciated. please keep your eye out for any future flyovers, and know that your hard work continues to inspire us all."

We asked the National Guard if they are planning to reschedule the flyover for another time, and they said right now they don't have an answer.


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