Customers pour in a lot of love for ice cream shop
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – An ice cream shop is picking up a lot of supporters and attention.

Summer is the perfect time for ice cream, but the craving for it never drew a line this long before at Three Scoops.

“A couple of my friends came out yesterday, and they were like they really wanted to come and eat some ice cream. And they said when they got here the line was wrapped around the building,” said Madison Resident Lakeya Humphrey.”

Three Scoops scooped more cones than they could anticipate Wednesday night. So Humphrey had to see it for herself.

“We heard about the turn out yesterday and we really wanted to support a Black business,” said Humphrey.

The bottom of the ice cream jugs were completely scooped out. Managers said Three Scoops is the only shop in Huntsville that sell ice cream cupcakes and sold out Wednesday night. They said Wednesday broke their sales record in a single day. By the time the shop opened Thursday, ice cream was filled to the brim.

“And I was like you’re lying,” said Humphrey. “The ice cream is awesome!”

That same day, one donor said he offered up $150 of his own money to treat customers who had never visited before. It caused a snowball effect. Travis Large wound up raising more $1,200 dollars, so everyone in line got to walk home with several free scoops.

“To be honest,” said Humphrey, “I ain’t never heard of Three Scoops and I was like sooooo can you tell me where it is?”

It’s in Huntsville. If you want to know more about them, they do have a Facebook page and website.



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