Debate sparked on Huntsville’s downtown construction date amid COVID-19 concerns
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Huntsville's main street construction timelines are up for debate, as council considers to pros and cons of starting the project in 2021 or 2022. - Alison Brownlee/Torstar

When is the right time to rip up Main Street in downtown Huntsville?

Stephen Hernen, director of operations and protective services for the Town of Huntsville, told town council members July 9 that District of Muskoka replacement of water and sewer pipes as well as town-led downtown streetscape construction was about to enter initial talks with potential contractors, and construction timelines needed confirmation.

While some council members said they had heard from business owners that a spring 2021 start would be best to “rip off the Band-Aid,” others said they had heard a spring 2022 start would be preferable, to offer more time for businesses to recover from the COVID-19 shutdown.

Hernen said the district had concerns with their infrastructure’s deteriorating condition, but would follow the town’s lead on construction timelines.

Downtown construction on Main Street, he said, would be divided into four sections:

1. John Street to Brunel Road

2. Brunel Road to West Street

3. West Street to Centre Street, and

4. Centre Street to Lorne Street

And each section would have to be completed in order to prevent complications.


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