Downtown Huntsville business owners talk about insurance during protests
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Small businesses on Clinton Avenue spent part of Thursday taking down wood boards that protected their shops in downtown Huntsville during Wednesday night's protest.

But they could go back up if another protest is planned in Huntsville.

WAAY-31 talked to some of those shops and learned the wood boards are for protection and insurance.

Business owners on Clinton Row told us they're happy their businesses are not damaged as you can see...and they say they're happy everything was peaceful and calm during the protest.

"I haven't seen anything so I feel very very very relieved," said Frida Morel.

Frida Morel is one of several relieved business owners along Clinton rRow shops in downtown Huntsville.

These wood boards protected them from any significant damage in a second night of protests.

Thursday, the boards are back in storage.

"Insurance doesn't cover our costs. So if the windows had been broken that's caused by a riot, insurance doesn't cover it," said David Johnston.

David Johnston owns the small shopping center on Clinton Row.

He told us they put the boards up to keep businesses safe and from any possible criminals who could be hurt while breaking store front glass.

That’s because Johnston told us it's not your regular type of glass.

"If it breaks, it comes off in hard pieces and depending on how it shatters, if you're close to it, you'll lose an arm," he said.

Though it's unclear if there's another protest in Huntsville this weekend, tghere are others planned across North Alabama.

Johnston thinks every business should take precautions especially because so many are still recovering after coronavirus forced them to close.

Morel hopes he’s right and has this message for shoppers:

"Come on down and shop. we could all use the business, so we are, Huntsville is open for business in downtown so please, come on down," she said.

Johnston does have commercial property insurance but Allstate Insurance company explained to WAAY-31 not all policies cover incidentals like rioting or looting.

They said there are fine lines when it comes to this type of situation, but there are some options available.


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