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Watch Now! A national tournament in John Hunt Park is hosting over 300 sand volleyball teams from all across the country.

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Actually across the exact their way to the city of huntsville forty very special event see john park is the place that you as a volley ball is is grand national tournament and it runs throughout the entire weekend on has more on the big event this event was supposed to be held across the country in huntington beach california because of kobe nineteen and restrictions that are put in place out decided to move the event right here to alabama We're spectators you know, comply with all regulations and, you know, a lot of us and as you see I'm trying to have an interview with it also enforcing masks at a sporting event as an easy but for usa volley ball in the sports commission it's a must have kind of pointing out with our court monitors and trying to get them we usually have a talk with them and try to get them to apply because the regulations that we set in place and car kobe protocol to allow this event to happen require that the sport of beach volleyball helps athletes social distance with only two people on a team that leads essentially nine hundred square feet for players in each game for the city of huntsville this week's tournament is helping boost the city's economic footprint as well as shining a light on a sport not seen in our area very often economic impact of over seven hundred thousand dollars a lot of hotel rooms, you know, and, just almost two thousand room nights during this week and these people retail spending money or restaurants shopping and going attractions so a big base forces helping out executive director of the huntsville sports commission stone says opening our city up to a large event will help our city grow into a location we have to continue to bring business-like this and, every time we're successful with a tournament like this generates more business center city so, we're kind of land ourselves up for more regional and national for years over three hundred teams are to compete this week and they all come from over twenty four different states and terminal last all the way through this sunday and huntsville kill carlisle easily exports.


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