First vaccine administered at Huntsville Hospital
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – At approximately 7:30 Wednesday morning, Huntsville Hospital administered its first Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

Doctor Jeffrey Walker, a Trauma surgeon at Huntsville Hospital, was the first to get the shot.

Dr. Walker said that he hopes this will help alleviate people’s fears about the vaccine and encourage them to get it. Those who got it today said it felt just like getting the flu shot.

“It’s been a long 9 months for everyone at Huntsville Hospital and everyone in the community, so hopefully this is the first step in opening a new chapter and getting this under control, it’s very exciting,” said Walker.

According to Huntsville Hospital administrators, around 200 healthcare workers will be vaccinated today at Huntsville hospital.

During the week hospital staff will continue to receive the vaccine and on then on the weekend EMS personnel and community physicians will be vaccinated.

They’re hopeful that in two weeks most of the medical community in north Alabama will be vaccinated.

“This is kind of a ray of hope that there really is a sense that we’re gonna beat this thing and that life may get back to normal one of these days and hopefully one of these days soon that we will get back to practice as we’ve always done. Instead of like this,” said Sherrie Squyres, Medical Director at Huntsville Hospital Emergency Department.


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