Free 2 Teach in Huntsville stocking up on supplies for in-class, virtual students
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New details on the return to the classroom. One local nonprofit says it's stocking up on supplies now, ahead of next school year.

At Free 2 Teach, organizers are preparing curbside pickup bags full of supplies, like scissors and glue sticks, that can be used either at school or home.

"Our goal is to make sure children have what they need no matter where they are learning," said organizer Alison Kling.

Free 2 Teach is an organization that provides supplies to Madison County teachers for free

Now, volunteers are getting ready for the coming school year a little differently than previous years.

"The month has been focused on getting the store stocked, so we're getting all of our crayons in place, all of our paper," said Kling.

Organization leaders say they expect to see some changes because of coronavirus.

"I think a lot of people are going to have hardships. I don't know if they will be able to get the supplies stores like they normally do," said store manager Jennifer Cummings.

With the state's new virtual learning program, volunteers are preparing take-home activities.

"A kid can only spend so many hours in a Zoom classroom. I know teachers are preparing interesting, creative, integrative ways to learn, whether that's in the classroom or at home," said Kling.

While there's a lot of unknown about this school year, volunteers say it's better to be prepared than not prepared at all.

"We stand ready to serve those kids and meet the needs of our teachers," said Kling.

The Free 2 Teach store in Huntsville re-opens for in-person shopping on July 6, and if you’re interested in picking up supplies, click here.

Volunteers say shoppers are encouraged to wear masks, and social distancing is enforced at the store.


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