Grants available for Madison County small business impacted by pandemic
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Dozens of $5,000 grants are available for you to apply for if your business has been impacted during the coronavirus pandemic.

The executive director of Neighborhood Concepts located in downtown Huntsville says she is shocked only a handful of businesses owners have applied for this grant.

“We are hoping that as the word gets out, it’s a very simple online application that more local businesses will take a few minutes to submit it online and see what the chances are,” said Mary Ellen Judah, executive director of Neighborhood Concepts.

If you fill out the application, the grant money does not need to be paid back. It’s essentially a gift from Facebook that Neighborhood Concepts is working with.

She has been baking in Madison since November 2018. Her normal bestsellers aren’t being ordered because of the pandemic.

“Weddings account for about 60 percent of what we do during this season and not having them has definitely impacted our bottom line,” said McFarlin.

“The purpose of the grants is to help these businesses open back up for business. So they can use it for PPE, they can use it for inventory, they can use it for past due rent,” said Judah.


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