Housing Huntsville’s Amanda Hays: Real Estate Agent – Huntsville, AL

Amanda Hays is a real estate agent in Huntsville and owner of Housing Huntsville, a brand company via Legend Realty. She is the sole Associate Broker (Realtor) of the brand.

A Huntsville native, Amanda has worked in real estate for 11 years at the time of this writing. Six of those 11 was working with new construction, which is where her heart is.

She has also worked as Legend Broker’s assistant/manager for 3+ years, training 160 agents during that time.

In 2019, she formed Housing Huntsville to focus on exclusively on her clients.

She has been an agent trainer, real estate marketing director, quality control supervisor of new houses being built, and a Listing & Buying agent.

The housing market in Huntsville is booming. It’s a great time to both buy a house and sell!

During the coronavirus pandemic, she has been providing virtual tours, keeping distance and wearing masks and gloves when in person.

For new home buyers, Amanda has been putting together gift baskets of nice things to have in the house, like gloves and toilet paper!

You can find up to date, accurate, easy information on housinghuntsville.com. This website is personal to Amanda, meaning you won’t have a bunch of realtors contacting you. If you favorite a house, for instance, she’ll see it!

Her advice right now:

The interest rates in the market are very low and lending institutions are still lending out. Get to know the market, find an agent and a lender you trust. It’s a great time to buy—the rates are so low—and a great time to list—you’ll likely sell your house very quickly!

Since there’s not a lot of inventory on the market right now, you want to find an agent who will hunt for you.

Why give Amanda Hays a chance as your real estate agent, as opposed to other realtors?

There are a lot of marketing tools that can be used and she knows how to use them.

She listens to her clients and understands what they need, both in person and online with the personalized tool that allows her to see which houses you favorite.

If you’re selling, she understands how quickly you’d like to sell.

She looks at the market everyday and tries to stay ahead of it instead of reacting to it.

Clients get 100% of her attention.

Amanda Hays contact info:

[email protected]
256-417-1640 (text or call)