How Alabama EMBA is changing the education game for working professionals
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EMBA grad Jonathan Lewis gives a thumbs-up for getting that degree! Alabama EMBA

An EMBA degree and education can take you from working professional to top executive, without ever pressing pause on your life or career. The Executive MBA program at The University of Alabama offers a unique format for an experience like no other. Check it out!

EMBA at a Glance

Make connections that are as valuable as the degree.

An Executive MBA from The University of Alabama (UA EMBA) offers a unique + transformative education that can take any career to the next level. They understand that today’s business professionals pursuing an MBA must juggle family and an ever-growing work schedule.

They bring together a group of highly successful managers, professionals and executives across a broad spectrum of industries and job positions for the EMBA program. With a unique blended-instruction format, your education happens on your time.

“Our goal is to provide the tools and opportunities to drive more success for our students, alumni, and their companies. We emphasize leadership and improving business skills to further professional and personal aspirations.”


The Executive MBA program enrolls twice each year, once for their Huntsville program (HEMBA) and once for their Tuscaloosa program (TEMBA).

EMBA Hits Refresh

The EMBA Family Day at a Birmingham Barons game looked like a grand slam.

UA EMBA recently announced a new format for their Huntsville and Tuscaloosa programs. They added several new features in order to better accommodate the schedules of busy working professionals.

“When considering adjustments to how we deliver the EMBA Program, we had a strong desire to preserve the valuable in-person classroom experience our programs offer.

We recognized a need to make the required in-class session schedule more manageable for our students who have busy careers, plus active family and social commitments.”

Each course provides online instruction and content to support monthly in-person class meetings. This blended-instruction model aims to allow students more control over their busy lives while growing their business acumen through a meaningful and academically rigorous degree experience.

Huntsville Program Updates

EMBA classmates become peers, friends, connections and more. Photo via

Huntsville location students start the program in August and graduate in December 2021.

The Huntsville EMBA location adopted the one weekend per month, blended-instruction format in 2015. As a result, enrollment for that program has steadily grown, and students appreciate the flexibility the blended format offers.

Additionally, students in the EMBA Huntsville location can now earn their MBA in four semesters rather than five. The program previously spanned 21 months but will now cover 17 months, or four semesters, like the Tuscaloosa location.

Tuscaloosa Program Updates

More than your average classroom. Photo via Alabama EMBA

Tuscaloosa location students begin in December and graduate in May 2022.

Now professionals who choose the Tuscaloosa location will attend class sessions on the following schedule:

  • Friday from 12-8PM
  • Saturday from 8AM-5PM one weekend each month

In both programs, students work through 16 three-hour courses to earn their MBA.

Furthermore, the immersive international study trip is now optional to allow students to save on their EMBA experience. Previous study trips have taken EMBA students to South Africa, Peru, Ecuador and other locations to meet with and learn from local entrepreneurs and executives and to gain an understanding of business as it applies to international settings.

Is an Alabama EMBA for you?

A name that’s recognized across the board. Photo via Beth Cunningham for Bham Now

Successful applicants generally have a minimum of five years of professional work experience and must hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university.

They typically do not require a GMAT, GRE, or Executive Assessment entrance exam score for applicants meeting or exceeding the work experience minimum.

UA EMBA prefers a 3.0 undergraduate grade point average but does offer conditional admission for some candidates with a strong professional profile.

In addition to providing the best education possible, safety is also a top priority for UA EMBA. Here are some of the safety measures they’re instilling this year:

  • EMBA students have the option to participate in fall 2020 courses virtually if they prefer not to physically attend class sessions.
  • Students in both Huntsville and Tuscaloosa programs will meet in classrooms that allow for safe distances between students, and between students and faculty.
  • For those who do opt to attend class sessions in person one weekend a month, masks covering the nose and mouth are required.

A Look Inside

(From L to R): Andy Cunningham, President of Precision Grinding, Inc.; Russ Chambliss; Lee Higginbotham, Business Operations Manager. Photos by Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

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To become a part of the upcoming programs, contact Samantha Vasey at [email protected] or (205) 348-0954 to request more information and attend a virtual information session.

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