How businesses can engage customers on social media

How businesses can engage customers on social media

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) – This pandemic is forcing all of us to adapt to certain parts of our lives. For many non essential business owners, it’s adapt our stop making money.

Some businesses already have a strong social media presence, but some owners are starting from scratch.

She says communication is essential right now, for both your customers and employees. She says communicating online allows customers to know what to expect, which establishes trust.

Finally, if you’re wondering where to start with platforms, Nivens says says it’s better to pick one or two, like Facebook and Instagram, and do them really well, rather than trying to keep up with too many accounts and not giving them your all.

“Once we get over this pandemic and once we flatten the curve, there’s going to be a lot of consumers that want to interact with businesses very, very differently. but i just encourage you to try to stay positive, stay optimistic, think about the long term. And just remember that no matter what failure is not an option. So you have to innovate, have to get your teams together and figure out ways to reinvent yourself to get over this hump,” Nivens said.

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