Huntsville Airport seeing more people booking flights
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Many major U.S. airlines are making their masking requirements even more strict as the country reopens.

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Despite the recent spike in COVID-19 cases in Alabama, the Huntsville International Airport says people are starting to book more flights.

The Huntsville Airport did see a decline in people flying due to the pandemic. At their lowest, they were at 3% and now, they are up to 10%. Those numbers are based off of parking.

They say the numbers still aren't back to what they are used to seeing.

If you're headed to the airport soon, you'll see "sanitize and separate" stickers on the floor to help you maintain a six foot distance from others.

They're also asking visitors to wear a face mask when at the airport.

Cooper Jacob, Huntsville International Airport Public Relations Assistant, said, "Anybody who is coming to the airport to pick somebody up, drop somebody off, to fly themselves or that's there to rent a car or any instances like that, we strongly urge them to wear a face mask just to protect themselves and our employees and tenants."

To avoid contact with staff, the airport suggests utilizing apps and checking in with your airline before you get to the airport.



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