Huntsville chiropractor sees patients for preventative care during Coronavirus health orders
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As more people return to work, some are also catching up on missed doctors appointments. During the health orders, hospital leaders at both Crestwood and Huntsville Hospital stressed how important it is for people to continue preventative care.

Dr. Jessica Koelker-Davis, the owner of Cove Chiropractic in South Huntsville, said many of her patients are still receiving care. However, she said back in March her office saw the impact of Coronavirus because many patients were too worried to come for their appointment.

"We really saw a decrease in patients because people didn't know if they should go outside let alone leave their house," she explained.

Koelker-Davis treats a variety of patients of all ages doing preventative care and helping those who struggle with back pain, neck pain, headaches and a variety of other problems.

She said patients who are now working at home said its taking a toll.

"In the last couple of weeks [I have heard], 'Oh my gosh I have been working from the couch with a 2-year-old hanging off of my shoulders, and I had this great set up at work and now I'm working from the kitchen table. I'm working from the couch and I am miserable. Can you please help me?'" Koelker-Davis said.

She said once chiropractic care was deemed essential by the Alabama State Board of Chiropractic Examiners. A lot of her patients were experiencing issues with their home work set-up.

"We lovingly refer to it as 'tech neck' or 'Netflix back.' We live our whole lives here. They're miserable, and they don't have their great ergonomic set up like we made sure they had at work," she said.

In order to keep patients safe, she told me they eliminated group therapy and are not having people in the waiting room.

Koelker-Davis and her staff are also all wearing masks and inviting patients to do so as well.

"Every patient has their own room, so they're private and safe and secluded. We have scaled back hours a little bit to make sure we have enough time to sanitize and thoroughly scrub this place down so everyone is safe as they can be," she said.

Koelker-Davis said she's also adjusted hours here at Cove Chiropractic to give her staff and her plenty of time to clean floor to ceiling.

They are asking anyone who has Coronavirus symptoms to stay home until they are well.


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