Huntsville City high schools transition back to staggered schedule
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Starting Monday, Nov. 30, high school students in the Huntsville City School District will go back to a staggered schedule until winter break due to the rise of coronavirus cases among the high schools.

That means students will be separated into two groups: one group will be in classes three days and remote two days, with the other group remote three days and in class for two days.

Mary Schappell has a senior and a sophomore at Huntsville High School. She told WAAY 31 she is glad the district is going back to the staggered schedule because of the increase in coronavirus cases in the area.

“We constantly have kids going home quarantined and so this will, I think, alleviate some of that exposure in the classroom and allow less of the kids going back and forth with quarantine," said Schappell.

She wants her kids to be in the traditional school setting, so she's glad the transition will still let students be in the building some of the time.

“I feel good about that decision," said Schappell. "I think they needed to make that decision because it seemed to work when they did it, when our school system did it previously."

Both she and her husband work, so being a teacher for her high schoolers when they're home isn't always an option.

“It’s easier because they are self-sufficient and we don’t have to really show them what to do, they know what to do at home," Schappell said.

Schappell's kids do well when they have their remote days, but she believes some students do better in the classroom than virtual because there aren't as many distractions.

“I think with the younger they are, the easier they are distracted and it just depends on the personality of the child. I think it varies with the personality," Schappell said.

She hopes the number of coronavirus cases will be down once winter break is over so students can all be back in the building safely.


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