Huntsville City Schools releases plan for students who test positive for coronavirus
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Huntsville City Schools released a more detailed plan for the upcoming school year. Each department now has a 'reset' plan.

In the health services plan, it addresses what happens if a student tests positive for coronavirus while traditional in-person classes are in session.

If a student or staff member tests positive, the principal of that school will close off all areas that the person was in. That area will be disinfected.

Students and staff with potential exposure will be notified. The district is relying on the Alabama Department of Public Health's guidance on whether or not to close an entire school down due to a positive case.

If a school does shut down, students will pick up virtual learning again. The plane states, however, essential staff will report in-person.

"I want to keep my son safe, so yes, he's staying at home and doing his work," Parent Pertha Laster said. Laster's 13-year-old son will stay home all year and learn virtually. She said sending him to traditional in-person school is not worth taking the risk of exposing him to coronavirus.

"I think that's the best thing to do, and hopefully, I pray, that this ends soon," Laster said.

However, there are parents who want their kids back in the classroom setting now.

"The social interaction our son needs is important," Parent Aaron Cunningham said.

Cunningham's son was set to begin kindergarten at Blossomwood Elementary. However, right when the district announced the 9-week virtual start, he chose to enroll him in private school since both he and his wife work full-time.

However, he said he does not fault the district. "We were able to make the decision because they were being transparent," Cunningham.


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