Huntsville Family Health Center hosts free COVID-19 testing drive-thru
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - As we make our way through the COVID-19 pandemic together, more and more healthcare providers are stepping up to help people get tested who can’t afford it.

“With this health crisis we know that people are really undergoing difficult times. People that have lost their insurance, who don’t have insurance. You know if you think about a family of five that is asymptomatic and they haven’t been working that can be really hard on them," said Paula Rios, Enabling Services for Huntsville Family Health Center.

Clinical services manager Anne Marie Witmer said with the free testing she is hopeful that more people will come out and get tested and practice safety measures to help reduce the spread.

“I’ve noticed that we are going up by the hundreds every day. They’re not dying as in the hundreds, but we have more deaths every day. People need to realize they need to be careful, practice social distancing, they don’t need to be having parties or getting together in groups more than 10 because it increases the risk,” said Witmer.


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