Huntsville Healthcare Official Points to Memorial Day Weekend as Start to Sharp Increase in COVID-19 Numbers
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A healthcare official in Huntsville on Monday pointed firmly at the Memorial Day weekend last month soon after Alabama began to re-open as a cause of surges in coronavirus cases.

The state has seen a sharp increase in positive COVID-19 tests in recent days. Those upbeat briefings in April and early May are gone. Since Memorial Day, Madison County has added 269 new coronavirus cases – that’s a 91% increase. Meanwhile, Morgan County has added 473 cases – a staggering 287% increase.

The virus is thought to have an incubation period that can last as long as 14 days, though is often between four and five days

Health officials are advocating for wearing masks and said that studies have shown that not only do they protect the people around you, a face covering can help insulate the wearer as well. Evidence indicates that even the cloth masks can protect the wearer from about 80% of virus particles. Masks reduce the number of virus particles that get past the barrier and that means 80% can’t reach your nose and mouth, which is the way the virus is spread.

Officials say having a smaller viral attack rate means that your body has a better chance of winning the battle and having a less severe illness.



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