Huntsville Hospital experiencing less of a strain on coronavirus testing
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Huntsville Hospital is experiencing less of a strain on coronavirus testing and the hospital CEO says the virus may not be as rampant in our community as first thought.

The CEO of Huntsville Hospital, David Spillers, told us nearly 9,000 people have been tested for the virus in Madison County since March. He also told us hundreds of patients have been tested for the virus before having surgery during the last two weeks.

Of all the patients tested, only one tested positive for the virus and was asymptomatic.

Spillers says this is why we may have been wrong about the number of asymptomatic people in the community.

"Contrary to the belief that there were a lot of asymptomatic patients running around in our community that were not diagnosed, data is proving that not to be true," he said.

Spillers told us testing for the virus is more readily available. He said the hospital is working on plans to open testing up to those who want to be tested but don't have symptoms. Right now, there are no formal plans for that testing.

Spillers did say anyone looking to be tested needs to be sure to go to a reputable testing site.


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