Huntsville Hospital Urgent Cares have plenty of coronavirus testing supplies
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A nurse practitioner with Huntsville Hospital Urgent Care said all five centers have recently seen an uptick in people who want to be tested for coronavirus, and more of those tests are coming back positive.

Erin Percy, nurse practitioner, said they have plenty of testing supplies.

"At our Huntsville Hospital Urgent Cares we have plenty of supplies, plenty of PPE to keep the staff safe. Our lab is running a bit slower right now, so you have a 72-hour turn around to get your lab results," she said.

The hospital group's urgent cares are managed by Urgent Team. The group has access to different testing supplies than the hospital who said earlier this week testing supplies is limited.

Percy said the urgent cares are open seven days a week and can see about 12 patients a day.

"We do a full examine on every patient that comes in and that's really good because it can catch pneumonia or other things you have that it might not catch if you were just doing car side testing," she added.

Percy said keeping the staff safe during this testing is important.

"I wear a gown that keeps me protected, two sets of gloves, an N-95 mask which is different than this surgical mask. I wear a bouffant cap to keep my hair back and a visor," she explained. "We have to clean the room properly, clean all the equipment properly, don and doff our PPE, so we can't do the huge volume other places can do but I think it's a really good service for our patients."

Percy explained no employees at the Huntsville Hospital Urgent Care locations have tested positive for the virus because of their precautions.

"When you are swabbing someone you risk aersoling it. Of course they have to take their mask down, so it does put us at a little bit of a risk. By wearing all that PPE, we've been really able to stay healthy," she added.

The hospital urgent cares told me it's best if you call ahead if you want to get tested for coronavirus. She said they want patients to stay in their cars when you arrive so they can be properly prepared to test you to keep everyone safe.


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