Huntsville-Madison Chamber helping parents find day-care services
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WAAY 31's Casey Albritton learned more about how the chamber of commerce is trying to help working parents in Huntsville and Madison County.

Some of them are still scrambling after all three public school districts announced online only learning the first nine weeks of school.

Chamber employees say they are asking parents to fill out a survey that includes questions about supervision for their children while they are at work.

Once the survey is completed, the chamber says it will work with local organizations to provide affordable day-care services.

"I really felt overwhelmed. I knew it would be hard to get that done. It was really tough just making it through the summer," said mother, Allis Jordan.

Allis Jordan says she has had a difficult time working from home while keeping an eye on her 8-year-old daughter.

"For the last 21 weeks now, where my daughter is at home with me. She wants my attention, she wants my help, she wants to play, she wants to be close to me but at the same time, I have the pull of my job that needs me on the phone," said Jordan.

Jordan’s concerned about splitting her time when her daughter starts online learning next month.

"I felt the pressure of figuring out how to make that work, working full time and also trying to make sure she got the education i wanted her to have," said Jordan.

Huntsville Madison Chamber of Commerce representatives say they are doing research to find out how many parents need day-care assistance and how many organizations need money to provide that.

"We work to identify possible grants or other solutions that can help," said Claire Aiello with the Chamber of Commerce.

The chamber says it will help groups like the YMCA and the Boys and Girls Club raise money so they can offer full-day care services, something Jordan says is necessary.

"There still aren't enough people to go around to help every family out," said Jordan.

The Chamber is asking parents to complete the form by Monday.

Click here to complete the survey.


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