Huntsville mayor asks community to wear face masks to fight coronavirus, avoid mandate
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Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle said he's only urging the community to wear face masks, but he’s not issuing any mandates right now.

"We're hoping that by encouraging people to wear face masks we can keep that spike at a manageable level," he said.

With the number of coronavirus cases rising in Madison County he explained he is watching them closely, but he doesn't think a face covering ordinance is necessary.

"It is something that we would much rather encourage people to wear their masks. Trying to get our poor police officers to try to enforce something on wearing face masks, that's a tough one to call. It's just tough to enforce. How are you going to enforce?" he added.

Even with the number of cases on the rise across North Alabama, Battle, just like every other local leader, said wearing a mask is a personal responsibility.

"My message and urge to the public is wear your face mask. If you can't control the surroundings around you for 6 feet. Wear your face mask," Battle said.

The mayor said the city will continue to watch the numbers here in Huntsville and then reevaluate after seeing how the numbers change in the future.


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