Huntsville mom relieved by president’s executive action for unemployment
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Reaction to President Trump's unemployment executive orders

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“It’s stressful. You’re sitting there worrying about how fast can you attempt to get a job to kind of have money to pay your bills. And on top of trying to speed and look for a job, it’s ok, well what do I do with these kids now,” Cameron said.

“The only solution I could find honestly is door dash. Because I can physically put my kids in the back seat and go and do what I need to do,” Cameron said.

“I feel like I’ve played it kind of smart. I’m one month ahead on my rent. I’m one month ahead on my car note. That at least gives me 60 days to try to cross my ts and dot my I’s and do what I need to do as a parent,” she said.

“With the $400 we’re really not making anymore than people who go to work everyday. You’re literally paying your bills and not having anything leftover and in some cases it’s still not enough for some people,” Cameron said.


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