Huntsville mother chooses to homeschool kids because of Coronavirus concerns
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One Huntsville mother says she isn't sending her four children back to school this fall because of Coronavirus concerns. Instead, she's choosing to homeschool them.

Mother of five, Raegan Jackson, told WAAY 31 her biggest concern is her young children not washing their hands consistently at school. She says she feels more comfortable homeschooling because she can monitor who and what they come in contact with.

"We can't even try on things at the stores. To me if we aren't able to try on things or be able to return things, then how can we even say it's safe for our children to be out there?" said Jackson.

Raegan Jackson says even though Huntsville City Schools is working to protect students from coronavirus this fall, she feels more comfortable keeping them at home.

"I know that the teacher can be on top of them trying to hand-wash, but with the younger kids, everything goes in their mouth and you can't stay on top of all of them 24/7," said Jackson.

She says she also has concerns about who comes in contact with her children, like employees in the cafeteria.

"One of them might be asymptomatic and not know they have it," said Jackson.

Jackson says she wants to keep an eye on what her kids are doing.

"I want to keep them home so i know they are safe," said Jackson.

While Huntsville City Schools will be offering a virtual school program, jackson says she wants to be able to spend more one-on-one time with her children.

"To enjoy this time with your children because once they're grown up and gone, that's it," said Jackson.

Jackson tells WAAY 31 she works in the evenings so she can homeschool her children before she leaves the house.


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