Huntsville nonprofit needs community help
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Nonprofit agencies are there to help those in need, but now one in Huntsville needs your help. The Rose of Sharon Soup Kitchen is in need of a large freezer after theirs quit working earlier this week.

Rose of Sharon Soup Kitchen serves over one hundred people a day through their grab and go lunches and provides one hundred food boxes a week of nonperishable foods, meat and produce and dairy to hungry families and individuals.

“If you’re hungry and you’re struggling and your family needs food we will provide that food for you,” said CEO Theresa Wilson.

Theresa Wilson says Rose of Sharon saw a large increase in clients at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March— and they say they haven’t slowed down yet.

“Because of the layoffs from COVID-19 and people being furloughed we are seeing more and more people,” said Wilson.

Earlier this week, one of their large freezers used for food storage quit working. While the Rose of Sharon usually helps the community, now they need the community to help them find a freezer.

“We want to provide those frozen foods and produce, things like that so if we don’t have the freezers we need, we can’t store the food,” said Wilson.

Wilson says they were able to disperse frozen items into other storage locations for the time being so nothing ruins. But they wont be able to take in any new frozen donations until they get a new freezer.

“It kind of put a damper on what we do so we are really looking for another freezer or two to help us with the number of people that are coming in,” said Wilson.

Wilson says they have tried to order a large freezer from stores but have been told they are on backorder.

If you’re interested in donating a large freezer to the Rose of Sharon soup kitchen or helping them with their mission to feed the hungry in any other way you can contact Rose of Sharon on their website or by calling (256)536-2970.



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