Huntsville restaurants faced with uncertainty amid coronavirus pandemic

Huntsville restaurants faced with uncertainty amid coronavirus pandemic

The restaurant industry is taking a hard hit due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Right now many major cities are requiring bars and restaurants close down. That is not the case in Huntsville. The mayor is suggesting businesses keep their capacity to around 50 percent.

At the Brickhouse Sports Bar, some customers are still coming in, for now.

“We’re sitting right now almost 6 o’clock in the evening, and I’ve got four guests in the building,” General Manager Robert Davenport said. “So that’s the hard part.”

Davenport said right now he is having to make decisions on a day by day basis. On Monday, they were open, with seating spread out, and strict sanitizing practices in place.

“We’re trying to take care of the community we’re in, also wanted to try to take care of my team members as well,” Davenport said. “They rely on their tips to pay their bills.”

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Steven Schenkel calls himself a regular. He wanted to support the business before things got worse.

“So I wanted to enjoy my friends and company for the next few days,” Schenkel said.

Just down the road, at Phuket, an open sign still shines. But if you walk inside, like its neighboring restaurant, several tables are sitting empty Monday night.

“Everyone take it very seriously,” Owner Suwit Phornroekngham said.

Phornroekngam is even considering closing the dining area all together, and strictly providing take-out and delivery.

“Probably the only way to save the restaurant,” He said.

A restaurant that has been around for 14 years, and now he said if this pandemic lasts more than a few months, he does not know if they will survive.

It is a harsh reality for many local businesses and a reason why some customers chose to dine out Monday.

Some restaurants are providing food curb-side delivery, so you do not have to go inside the restaurant.