Huntsville restaurants prepare to reopen dining rooms

Huntsville restaurants prepare to reopen dining rooms
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Restaurants are now busy getting ready to reopen their dining rooms on Monday.

At Gibson's BBQ, signs will be placed on certain tables letting customers know they can't sit there. This is to ensure that everyone is sitting at least six feet apart.

"They miss coming in and eating and seeing the waitresses and all the staff. I think it's going to be great," said Gibson's BBQ owner, Paula Mabry.

Since March 19, Mabry's BBQ joint has been empty, but soon, she and many other restaurant owners will be able to see their customers dine-in again.

"We've been preparing. I've got like 500 masks here," said Mabry.

She says the restaurant will be using disposable menus, wiping down tables frequently, and seating groups at least six feet apart.

"They can give us their phone number, wait in the car. We'll give them a call when we have a table available," said Mabry.

She says because of the 6-foot rule, only 15% of her restaurant will be used starting Monday.

"We'll see how it goes. Something is better than nothing at this point," said Mabry.

Employees at Big Spring Cafe are also preparing.

"Gloves, excessive washing, more sanitizing, and we are putting up dividers on the back of our booths," said Big Spring Cafe co-owner, Gavin Milam.

"They get up, we sanitize, then before you sit down, we sanitize again," said Big Spring Cafe co-owner, Pam Milam.

The restaurant owners say the past two months have been difficult, but they are adjusting to the 'new normal.'

"Like a twilight zone, I never expected this to happen, but I think we've handled it really well," said Pam Milam.

"Could be worse, we could be closed," said Mabry.

The owner of Gibson's BBQ tells WAAY 31 they will be doing curbside pick up as well as dine-in services.

The restaurants will be using disposable salt and pepper packets, as recommended by the state health department.


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