Huntsville shop says pajama sales skyrocket during coronavirus, pants falling
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The coronavirus pandemic is impacting everyone's life in one way or the other, and it’s changing the way a lot of us dress.

New numbers show since the start of the pandemic pajama sales are up 143% while pants sales are down 13%.

"With COVID everyone's just lounging around the house," Caitlyn Gullat, the Pants Store manager, said.

This why Gullat, the store manager for the Pants Store in Downtown Huntsville, says she believes their pajama and lounge wear sales skyrocketed in the last month.

"We've had a ton of people coming in and just wanting anything comfortable,' she said. 'No jeans, they want just t-shirts, sweatshirts pull overs all of that," she said.

Gullat said with the stay at home order, and people working from home, about two-thirds of their sales are now lounge ware!

"With Mother's Day it was a big hit. Every woman, every mother just loves the pjs. It's luxurious, it feels good, it's cozy, and then of course with COVID everyone's just hanging out so we did have a big increase in sales," she said.

Gullat said because of the name, they still have a lot of customers coming in to buy pants. So, they're pants sells haven't really taken a hit.

And, she said the increase in pajama and lounge wear sales is something they're monitoring when doing inventory to make sure they keep enough in stock.

"We just had to completely re-stock on everything we have which is exciting for us," she said.

Gullat said it's only been a week since they re-opened the inside to the public.

Business has been steady, but they also have an online store where customers can purchase their pajamas which contributed to the increase as well.


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