Huntsville stylists and barbers still helping customers during coronavirus closure

Huntsville stylists and barbers still helping customers during coronavirus closure
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With reopen dates for barber shops and hair salons still up in the air, we found out how they are helping their clients during this time and what you can do if you need a haircut.

While you can't make it to the barber shop or hair salon, you can get help from your stylists over FaceTime if you need assistance cutting or styling your hair during this quarantine.

"I mean we could kind of walk you through it if your barber can kind of walk you through it and maybe try cutting your hair on your own, wouldn't suggest it but shave definitely," said Jai Coles, owner of Fade Factory 256.

He told us he understands the struggle everyone is going through with shops being closed.

And as easy as it may seem to cut or color your hair yourself, one stylist said you could end up with burns or cuts.

"We want to maintain the integrity of your hair because healthy hair is beautiful hair and that's the main concern, right now is not the time to be trying something new," said Meagan Johnson.

Johnson is a hair stylist and colorist at Shutter and Shears Studio.

She told WAAY 31 for those who want to touch up their hair color, she's selling kits for curbside pickup and also recommends products to dye your hair roots without bleach.

Johnson also says other stylists are doing the same thing to keep you safe.

"Call your stylists and tell them what you need. Say hey I've got this issue, this is what I need, they'll get you what you need," she said.

Johnson told us she is working on a plan to offer one-one-on Facetime sessions to talk about styles and tips and tricks to do until the studio is allowed to reopen again.

Both she and Coles told us they will follow the state's rules but are hoping to reopen by May 1st.

For the men, Coles told us there are certain razors you can buy online that can help if you want to cut your own hair.

But he says you should be careful no matter what you do.


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