Huntsville website creator making sense of COVID numbers
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - We’ve been thrown a lot of data over the past two months. COVID-19 case numbers, demographics and, sadly, deaths.

These numbers are compiled by the state but if you're getting lost in them, a Huntsville man is trying to help us make sense of them.

Balancing his day job as a Huntsville software developer and his new daily job for the past two months running the website

Alabama COVID-19 data
Alabama COVID-19 data (Source:

Taking data directly from the Alabama Department of Public Health's dashboard and reconfiguring it for the everyday person to understand.

“A lot of people like to use that to say how is Madison to Limestone or versus some other county that is nearby them,” added Marconnet.

Madison County COVID-19 data from
Madison County COVID-19 data from (Source:

He doesn’t make any money off the website and he definitely isn’t running it for political reasons - it’s just data and maybe some coffee.

Marconnet said he’s looking forward to being able to post recovery data from the health department as soon as hard numbers come in.


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