Huntsville Wedding & Event planners seeing benefits of coronavirus for business

Huntsville Wedding & Event planners seeing benefits of coronavirus for business
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Some wedding and event planners in Huntsville say business is starting to pick up.

And while the pandemic has changed a lot for this's forced them to get creative... and it's paying off.

"Everybody started panicking in march and cancelling their weddings and transferring to next year or this Fall. But anyway, our weddings have started back up and most brides now, are saying, i am getting married and whoever can come, can come," said Karen Archambault.

You just heard from the owner of Annabella at Cedar Glen.

After months of cancellations, the venue is finally being put to use.

WAAY-31 got a look at how weddings and events are held during this pandemic, and how this industry overall has adjusted.

People are out with their masks on and socially distancing while being outdoors.

Which is something wedding and event planners are seeing a lot more requests for: smaller events more often.

We spoke with two wedding and event planners who say business is doing much better now than ever thanks to the pandemic.

This is one of Karen Archambault's favorite sounds: the happiness from the bride and groom's family as they make their first looks.

Karen is the owner of Annabella at Cedar Glen... a wedding venue in Huntsville.

Just recently, more brides and grooms are choosing to tie the knot.

"Most brides now, are saying, I am getting married and whoever can come, can come," said Archambault.

There's 6,000 square feet of space on the property and she can accommodate nearly 200 guests.

Archambault says within the last month or so, there's been an increase in the amount of weddings she's managing...and she's not the only one.

Carlee Koehler is the face behind the business of Huntsville Event Planner.

She told us she too is seeing a silver lining with the pandemic.

"We've expanded our vendor list and we've been able to get to a point where can get vendors rescheduled within 24 hours in most cases," said Koehler.

Koehler helps manage weddings across the Rocket City and the Haven is just one of several venues she works in.

She told us the pandemic has forced her and her team to think creatively about how to utilize spaces and make them intimate... while also keeping guests 6-feet apart.

Recently... she's had so much more business, she's booked all the way through next year.

This pandemic has taught her change isn't always bad.

"There's a lot going on so it fortunately hasn't impacted us in a negative way. It's just allowed us to be a lot healthier and more conscious of keeping other people healthy," she said.

Both women told us it's shaped the way they think in a positive way and are excited to end the year on a high note.

While weddings may be smaller and mainly doesn't take away from the true meaning behind someone's special day.

"if you have 30 people here, or 100 or 175 people... You're going to be married at the end of the day and enjoy it. Enjoy your married life," said Archambault.

While attending weddings, just like you would anywhere else... It's expected of you to wear masks during the ceremony.


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