Huntsville woman gifted new car after being Mazda Hero for her community service
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Saturday, one woman in Madison rewarded for all the good she's accomplished in this community.

"Boots on the ground, we got to get out there and help the people who need it most," said Ms. Dotson's daughter.

You just heard from Carolyn Dodson's daughter after her mother was received a brand-new car from Hiley Mazda.

Shes the first woman in Alabama to win the "Mazda Hero" award and WAAY-31 spoke with her after learning more about her accomplishments.

**nats of clapping and seeing them hug**

With signs reading congrats and hugs from family members, Carolyn Dodson was emotional after winning Mazda's Hero award.

Dodson is one of 50 awarded across the country.

"Someone who takes the time out of their day to care about and love other individuals and go outside of themselves is something that we all need to take heed of and learn from," said Michael Ponter.

Michael Ponter is the general manager of Hiley Mazda Huntsville.

He says this is the first time Mazda decided to do an award like this and it's to honor those who have gone above and beyond for their community.

Dodson's known for donating food, gift cards and her time to help those in need through her church.

"The homeless or the hungry shouldn't be invisible. They're people. Let's serve them and help them," she said.

As part of the award, Dodson received a 100th anniversary MX-5 Miata Mazda car...a moment filled with emotion.

"I hope that people will just look into themselves. There are people who are hurting, who are hungry, who are one paycheck away from being on the street," said Dodson.

And as she drove the car off the lot, and towards home, everyone there was left inspired to make a difference too.

"If we can learn anything from Ms. Dodson, that any opportunity that we have to give a helping hand to our fellow human being we should do so," said Ponter.

Ms. Dodson says she hopes that if you watch her, you can continue to help push these acts of kindness forward and she's very thankful for the car that she's received today.


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