Huntsville’s best healthy, vegan and vegetarian restaurants part 1


Today we’re bringing you the best places in Huntsville with great, delicious and HEALTHY menu including tons of vegetarian & vegan options! Stay tuned for part 2.

Mason Dixon Bakery & Bistro

Mason Dixon Bakery & Bistro will serve you a delicious and healthy food in a completely gluten-free environment with options of soy-free, egg-free, dairy-free, vegan, and vegetarian. They use only the best ingredients. Each loaf of bread, cake, cupcake and cookie is crafted by hand, not machine. They also offer hot and cold drinks, salads, quick bites such as cranberry orange scone and more.

Phone: +12562137545

Hummus & Pita Company

This is a fast-casual restaurant concept serving 100% homemade, fresh and health-focused cuisine in an inviting and relaxing environment. They use only the high-quality and fresh ingredients which make their food extra delicious. They have many vegan & vegetarian options as well.

Phone: +12569457305

Chef Will The Palate

Chef Will will amaze you with fresh and innovative food made from local ingredients. Vegetarians will definitely enjoy many vegetarian options including their famous sandwiches.


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Phone: +12566176052

Hippea Camper

The Hippea Camper’s goal is to provide the Rocket City with a healthy, plant-based option. They specialize in Southern comfort foods that are familiar to their history and their customers and they present them in a way that will delight and excite vegans and non-vegans alike! All of their products align with a health-conscious, Eco-friendly lifestyle, from the ingredients to the supplies. They strongly believe in the health benefits of a plant-based diet and promote it within their community.

Phone: +12565208109

Manic Organic

Their kitchen “Burnt Knuckle Kitchens” is located on Hwy 72 E. Huntsville AL, however the Manic Organic Food Truck is everywhere serving the Huntsville communities. They only serve healthy organic food without GMO’s and without the artificial ingredients; the way food should be, natural & healthy! Manic Organic uses their fresh local farm ingredients and that’s why their food taste so good.

Phone: +17203415400

Zoes Kitchen

They are famous for their delicious and fresh Mediterranean food made from fresh, natural core ingredients.


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Phone: +12569711538

The Veggie

Their food is 100% plant-based and served in compostable packaging. Their goal is to provide convenient access to unique made to order vegan eats and prepackaged items in a fast casual environment. They offer weekly meal prep, catering, transition classes and of course their new cafe. Their salads are our favorite items on the menu.

Phone: +12564896310