Huntsville’s Best Southern Diners

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Huntsville is a place where you will find southern dishes with tons of choices of sides to choose from. Today we’re presenting you the best southern diners! Enjoy!


Walton’s Southern Table

Here you can try all the classics, from their fried chicken to gravy and those filling desserts. If you’re looking for a place of southern cuisine this might be a place you’re destined for. Their Lemon Ice Box Pie is delicious!

Phone: +12562032979

Blue Plate Cafe

They are dedicated to preserving memories from the past by keeping the simple feeling of warmth and southern hospitality around the table. Their goal is to make every visit feel like coming home to their mother’s or grandmother’s and enjoying a home cooked meal. Southern cooking and southern hospitality is what they serve at Blue Plate Cafe. All because Mama would want it that way. They have vegetarian friendly & vegan options!

Phone: +12565338808

Bubby’s Diner

You’ll be transported back in time in this fun diner! 50’s themed diner serves shakes, malts, burgers and so much more! If you love southern cuisine, Bubby’s Diner is a must and in a fun atmosphere!

Phone: +12565138080

Betty Mae’s Restaurant

This is the place where you’ll find soul food with fast & friendly service. Their fried okra and some of the best collard greens along with their cornbread and famous Red velvet cake is absolutely delicious!

Phone: +12567464159

Metro Diner

A place with good ole fashion southern cooking. Some of the local favorites are the beer batter Fish & Chips, Stuff ‘N Waffles and Fried Chicken!

Phone: +12563334974

Sac’s Kitchen

Sac’s Kitchen is a family owned business with a friendly atmosphere. Mrs. Sarah Douglas (Co-Owner) started cooking at the tender age of twelve, and has continued since.
“It’s a dream come true to own my own business along with my son, Carlos Burwell,” she said.

All of their food is homemade, and their vegetables are never canned, always fresh daily! At Sac’s they all have a love for cooking, and it warms their heart to see others enjoying their food.

What’s even better, this place is an advocate for the homeless community. From their famous Fried Green Tomatoes to their Fried Chicken and soul food desserts, you’ll love this place if you love southern cuisine!


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