Salty Nut and Straight to Ale owners

Straight to Ale buys Salty Nut

Huntsville’s Straight to Ale brewery has bought Salty Nut Brewery, another smaller Alabama brewery, in its latest expansion. Straight to Ale bought Druid City Brewery in Tuscaloosa late in 2019. Shown are, left to right, Salty Nut owner Brent Cole, Straight to Ale owner Dan Perry and Salty Nut co-owner Michael Cox.

Straight to Ale said in a statement that the purchase is “an effort to support the local craft beer scene while helping an important venue in the Huntsville community flourish.” Straight to Ale owner Dan Perry said, “I am a firm believer that working together makes you stronger.”

Brent Cole, owner of Salty Nut Brewery, will continue with the company. “Straight to Ale has the capacity to take us further than we ever could, and faster,” Cole said in a statement. “The goal of this partnership is to revive Salty Nut and get it back to the glory days, grow the brand, and get Salty Nut beers available in more places.”

Salty Nut Brewery was formed in 2011 and grew from a small warehouse brewery and taproom to its current location at Campus 805, a former school turned entertainment, food and craft brewing center. “Salty Nut has a great taproom space and the most amazing beer garden here at Campus 805,” Perry said, “and we feel that we can continue to add to the space and improve the customers’ experience there. They have unique products and marketing, and I have always liked their brand and their energy.”

Straight to Ale bought Druid City Brewing of Tuscaloosa in December 2019. Druid City is located behind Citi Trends on 15th Street in Tuscaloosa, Al.

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