Johnson Legacy Center set to open in August
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We are just a few months away from Johnson Legacy Center opening its doors! This center will feature a rock climbing wall, 2 saunas, futsal court and volleyball equipment that will fold down from the ceiling! All of those features aren't in any other city of Huntsville rec. center. Officials say this space will bring the whole city together.

"Folks are going to be surprised with just how nice this facility is. Certainly, its located in north huntsville but its really unique and something that the entire city will be proud of and the entire city will use. It' something we've been proud to be apart of for sure," said Ricky Wilkinson, Director of General Services, City of Huntsville.

Alumni might be happy to know that J.O. Johnson high school will be honored with a trophy case displaying memorabilia. The center is expected to open sometime in August. Officials told us while no one on site has tested positive for coronavirus, the pandemic did affect the project with shipment delays. The timeline of the project was not affected by those delayed and it is still set to open on time.


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