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I would like to comment on the news we have had surrounding COVID 19 and the recent rise in virtual appointments. With all of the new telemedicine offers popping up, it can be hard for your readers to know who to trust with their health and their family’s health.

I am happy and proud to say that we, as well as other long-standing local doctors, have been offering telemedicine throughout these difficult times. While these are not the same as face to face visits, they do serve a necessary role in the present situation. Also, the local physicians have been able to bring the highest quality of doctors to Huntsville to care for you, and, overall, Huntsville has an excellent group of physicians.

At Huntsville Family Medicine, we brought in Dr. Lane Aiena less than 3 years ago. He has built a busy practice while garnering multiple accolades at the state level from the Texas Academy of Family Physicians. We also brought Dr. Nicolas Alonso here less than a year ago. He is building his practice and will be a wonderful long-term addition to our medical community.

No one knows you better than your local doc, and if you are looking for one, look no further than Huntsville. If you presently go out of town for care, consider finding a local primary care doctor. Remember that the local private primary care doctors can provide virtual care now and personal face to face care for years to come.


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