Madison County nursing home working hard to keep COVID-19 out of facility

Madison County nursing home working hard to keep COVID-19 out of facility
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Protecting the most vulnerable in our communities

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Nursing home workers across the country are facing the largest challenge of their careers right now, as they try to protect the most vulnerable among us.

At Huntsville Health and Rehabilitation they have been cautious and fortunate. So far, none of their residents or employees have tested positive.

William Tyson is the administrator, he’s proud of his employees and residents but knows each day they have to keep on pushing.

“We make sure that if any residents have any signs or symptoms of respiratory distress we immediately jump on it,” he said. “When we say jump on it, we mean we start doing the assessment and if necessary we might do a COVID-19 test depending on what the doctor recommends.”

At Huntsville Health and Rehabilitation, Tyson said they have 85 people living there and 130 employees. That is a lot of people to try and keep healthy.

“If we see someone that’s doing something that may put themselves at risk or someone else at risk we identify those areas,” Tyson said.

Along with all of this stress, Tyson knows it's important to keep the morale of the residents and employees up.

“What affects one person affects them all, one of my employees gets sick. It affects all of them, not just employees but also the residents in the facility,” he said.

“Things that we don’t know about, we can’t control but things that we do know help to reduce the spread of the virus we try and control those things and try to eliminate all those risk factors.”

None of this, of course, would be possible without the hardworking employees at Huntsville Therapy and Rehabilitation.

Tyson said without their dedication and hard work to the residents, none of their success so far in stopping the spread of the virus would be possible.


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