Mayor of Huntsville explains plan to enforce amended Coronavirus safer at home order

Mayor of Huntsville explains plan to enforce amended Coronavirus safer at home order
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WAAY 31 learned about enforcement of the amended safer at home order in Huntsville from Mayor Tommy Battle. At City Hall Monday, he said as the city reopens he's looking for personal responsibility from everyone. Battle said if you enter a business and don't feel safe or that safety guidelines are not being followed he suggests you leave and then contact the city.

The Mayor said social distancing is still important and it’s best to wear masks around other people. He explained there is a pronged approach to answering complaints. The complaints normally come to his office then the legal department which determines if the complaint should go to Natural Resources or the police department.

Mayor Battle said the number of complaints they've received over the last few weeks has decreased, but he expects that to change.

"Through the last 8 weeks we have had daily reports through natural resources. We started off with 10-15 reports or complaints a day. We have worked down to where we are at one or two a day. I expect that to spike up a little bit as we open up especially personal contact places and restaurants," he said.

Huntsville Police handles complaints from customers about businesses possibly violating the health order.

Natural Resources handles complaints from employees about employers possibly violating the health order. The City explained the natural resources department normally performs some inspections and has an understanding of OSHA compliance.

The mayor's office is asking anyone with concerns or who believes a business is violating the health order to contact them at [email protected]

The city said it will follow up on complaints, but is not doing any surprise visits to businesses who have not been complained about.


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