Musicians are bringing back music for the holiday season
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Musicians are bringing music back this holiday season.

For some, attending a Christmas concert or show is a yearly tradition and even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many artists are still bringing the holiday tunes even if it looks different than in years past.

Lawson and Jackson Beasley are in the country/rock music group The Beasley Brothers. Like many in the entertainment industry, they were hit hard at the start of the pandemic.

“We were playing a ton and then it was completely nonexistent for several months,” said Lawson. “We went from March 12 to September 11 without playing live, in Nashville specifically.”

For six months, the band had a slim amount of work while businesses closed and restrictions were set in place.

“I want to say it was 142 or 148 performances going into the beginning of this year and to see all of that postponed or cancelled… it’s something we never saw coming,” said Lawson.

It’s been nine months since the pandemic hit our area, and now it’s the holiday season. Christmas concerts are starting to pop up and artists are getting the chance to bring back the music.

Jim Brickman, a songwriter and pianist says the reason more artists are getting to play in our area has a lot to do with “the place, and the platform, and the venue.”

As a pianist, Christmas is generally the busiest season for Brickman. Some people are opting for in-person or drive-up concerts, but he says it’s not an option for him.

“If you’re a country artist and you’re playing a big show, or you’re rock, then drive-ins are appropriate,” said Brickman. “My show, solo piano, Christmastime… not exactly ideal for a drive-in experience.”

Brickman decided to turn his 2020 holiday tour into a virtual, interactive one.

“We wanted to just make it bigger and better and do things that you can’t do,” he said. “Let’s say, like watch my fingers on the keys. You never get to see that close up!”

The Beasley Brothers performed virtually during the start of the pandemic, but venues have started opening back up with restrictions and for their 5th annual Christmas concert, the fans wanted in-person experience.

“All shows don’t take necessary precautions, but the VBC and the Princess Theater in particular are doing their part to make sure that with these shows coming back, that people feel safe and they are as safe as possible,” said Jackson.

‘Christmas Time with the Beasley Brothers’ is an in-person concert. One will be held Thursday, Dec. 10 at 7:30pm at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville. The second concert will be held Friday, Dec. 18 at 7:30pm at the Princess Theatre in Decatur. Visit their website for tickets.

Jim Brickman’s ‘Comfort & Joy at Home’ event will benefit the Von Braun Center. If you miss the show but would still like to help out the VBC, Jim Brickman says you can get tickets for any show on the tour and it will still be a donation to Von Braun Center. Visit his website for tickets.


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