Nesin Therapy – Huntsville, AL

Nesin Therapy is a Women’s Owned Business with three locations in the Huntsville area. One near Crestwood, another near Research Park, and one in Madison on County Line Rd.

Janine’s mother, Janet, started the company in 1987. She had four kids and wanted flexibility in her work life so she could have family time.

She also wanted to control the quality of physical therapy care.

Michelle and Janine are sisters who joined the company after getting their degrees.

Nesin Therapy made the shift from contracting the therapy out to third parties to outpatient care, once again for more control over the therapy itself.

They do hands-on “manual therapy” which is different from massage, in addition to assigning exercises. This, combined with the assigned exercises, makes for a much more comprehensive rehabilitation.

The manual therapy allows them to work on joints, musculature, ligaments, tendons. This helps relieve the pain much faster and restore normal motion much faster because then, during restorative exercises, one is not working through painful joints or painful soft tissue.

One of the things that sets Nesin Therapy apart is they look at the entire system of each person, the biomechanics all over the body, not just the painful area, to see what’s contributing to the problem area.

As Janine says: “Nothing occurs in isolation in the human body.”

Nesin Therapy is an essential service. Closing their services would have drastically set back patients who were in therapy for surgery from January.

They also have to stay open for patients in acute pain.

Nesin’s safety measures are many:

They are wearing Personal Protective Equipment.

Set up social distancing in the reception area, but recommend that patients come right at their scheduled time and they will be taken back to their room immediately.

Operating in private rooms is rare in the physical therapy industry, so Nesin is uniquely situated to keep their patients and therapists isolated from one another. This is opposed to being in a gym environment where everyone’s in the same room.

They are “cleaning all. The. Time!”

Shields have been set up for office staff.

The governor of Alabama has stated that medical procedures and surgeries will resume in May, so those in need of therapy will have a trusted, safe and caring place waiting for them.

If you’ve had COVID-19, you may require rehabilitation, as well.

Contact Nesin Therapy:
Huntsville: 256-425-0300
Madison: 256-461-9654
Research Park: 256-713-1872