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I love writing letters to the editor and I try to do it on a regular basis. Usually just way too busy. You know, hair salon with 29 co-workers, Sunday school class prep, occasional opportunity to speak about God’s goodness (not his good timing, that’s always slower than I like), feeding hundreds of homeless people in Downtown Houston, softball and golf and kids and grandkids and well, you know ... busy.

And now, it's all stopped, almost all of it, and I’m not too good at being still. But that doesn’t matter if I’m good at it or not. It's kind of like when people ask me, 'when do you think you will open the Facemaker again?' I’m not good at answering questions I do not know the answer to. I found out over the last almost two months, that it doesn’t matter what I think. I have been wrong too many times to count. I realize a service at my salon is not essential and that hurts. I always believed what I thought was very important. But, I have learned it really doesn’t matter what I think on a lot of plateaus at all. But, what does matter is how I respond.

Today I choose to respond to the fact that what I think about when we will reopen doesn’t matter. It is out of my hands anyway, and the salon business is not as important as I would like to think it is.

From my co-worker family at the salon, to my Lyle family at home and scattered, from First National and First Financial banks, to Ernst Jewelers, from the guys I golf with to my church family. From the men in my life who are continually checking up on a sometimes fragile Bert, to the unbelievable first responders and care-givers and on and on and on. Thank you all. For some unknown reason the salon has not received stimulus from our government (we are not the LA Lakers you know). But, Sam and Susie and Robert have done something our government wouldn’t. Through their help, my mortgages have been extended and I have a fighting chance to survive this financial crisis caused by a virus. Thank you!

My last round of thanks goes to you. The reader of The Huntsville Item who support the Facemaker. And not just us, but all the local salons and restaurants and businesses in Huntsville. There is truly no place I’d rather go through a crisis, and Susie and I have been through a few. We, the local businesses of Huntsville will need you, the patrons of our businesses more than ever as we open up. Some of us have been closed for seven or more weeks. I promise that we will make our environments the safest places to visit. We do not take this shutdown lightly, and at the Facemaker, we will be a beacon to our industry as far as how to reopen in the new era.

Please support local Huntsville business. I will end with this ... to be able to work, is a gift from God. Always be thankful,

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