Ozone deep cleaning in high demand for COVID-impacted businesses

Ozone deep cleaning in high demand for COVID-impacted businesses
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – You’ve probably heard the term “deep clean” a million times by now. We decided to take a closer look at ozone cleaning, which is a deep cleaning method in high demand for sites impacted by COVID-19 cases.

Resolution LLC based in Huntsville has been working around the clock as their environmental team answers more inquires about their ozone cleaning process.

“We put out units and generators that convert o2 or the oxygen we breath into ozone gas. The gas oxidizes the entire environment where it’s generated thus decontaminating the entire area,” said Adam Butler, the Director of Environmental, Health ads Safety for Resolution.

The small generators are placed in rooms accompanied by cameras that face ozone detection meters.

“That way we can monitor the concentration without putting our employees at risk,” said Butler.

The ozone process itself is not safe for humans or pets. When the process is complete, the building is safe and clean.

Resolution also offers a surface spray treatment that they say is popular among businesses that are trying to be proactive in fighting the virus. When the spray dries, it punctures viruses and bacteria for upwards of 30 days.

“It generates and creates micro spikes,” said Butler.

Resolution says they’ve seen their business increase roughly 50 percent. To meet demand, they’ve added to their staff. The way Butler see’s it, the faster they work, the faster the community gets back to work.

“Being able to go in and give people a piece of mind, that’s what makes this a valuable service,” said Butler.



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