Parents concerned about sending children back to school

Parents concerned about sending children back to school
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The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way schools will operate, and some parents are nervous about sending their children back in August.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Like almost everything else, the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way schools will operate.

Huntsville City Schools is starting back in August, but there is still so much unknown right now.

Huntsville City Schools Chief Communications Officer Craig Williams said, "Everything is so fluid. Everything is such an evolving situation. You'll sit there and develop one set of plans one day and then something changes and you're left to develop a new set of plans the next day."

For students who live with family members with compromised immune systems, or just don't feel safe going back, Huntsville City Schools is offering a virtual learning option. Many parents think that's a good idea, even if it does have some downfalls.

One Huntsville woman WZDX News spoke to said, "Whenever they get their assignment, like my small kids, 6 year, he used to do the best in school because he wants to listen to the teachers, whatever the teachers instructed, he does, but at home, I told him like, this is your homework, then he doesn't want to do it."

There are still some concerns, like if teachers will be able to manage keeping the students separated. Day care workers in Huntsville say schools should wait to open their doors to students.

"You don't know which kid has been where and who they've been around so it's hard to monitor the kids," said day care worker, Brooke.

Many people don't think kids are mature enough to social distance properly.

"It doesn't matter what the people say, to stay 6 feet distance, they don't care to maintain distance," said one man in Huntsville. "They just go over there and have a good time. They may try to learn some, but they're going to play, so I don't think it's a good idea."

Huntsville City Schools will give an update on back to school plans on July 9th.


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