Parents react to Huntsville City Schools' Fall plan
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We are hearing from parents of Huntsville City School students after the district released it's plan for the Fall on Friday.

After speaking with more than ten parents, there's not a consensus. They are divided, with some choosing to do virtual school and others choosing to have their kids learn in a traditional physical classroom setting.

"Last year my kids had classes of 25 or 30 students. I don't see how they will keep that many kids six feet apart in one classroom," said parent Eleanor White.

Eleanor White has four children in Huntsville City Schools. She waited months for the district's plan.

"Oh, I read all 110 pages of that," said White.

White says after reviewing all 110 pages, she decided to enroll her children in the district’s virtual program.

"They won't be exposed to the virus, they won't have to wear a mask nine hours a day," said White.

Huntsville Schools requires face coverings for all students, staff and visitors. The district also says social distancing will be enforced whenever possible, something one parent says isn't realistic.

"Kids are going to be kids. They are going to want to hug each other. They aren't going to understand that social boundary," said Courtney Woodard.

Even though she doesn't think social distancing will be easy to enforce, Courtney Woodard is still sending her kids back to the classroom.

"But I'm happy for them to be able to go back school in the traditional setting so they can make friends," said Woodard.

Woodard moved to Huntsville back in March, and she says her two daughters need that social interaction.

"Helps them develop their social skills and how to be empathetic," said Woodard.

Woodard trusts the district to sanitize schools frequently, but White says, that's not enough to put her kids back in the classroom.

"There's no way to know who has the virus or not unless parents are honest," said White.

The district set a July 20 deadline for anyone who wants to sign up for the virtual program. It’s separate from the one the state is offering.


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