People of all ages, backgrounds gather for peaceful protest in Huntsville
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Dozens of protesters gathered in front of City Hall for Thursday's peaceful protest in Huntsville, even taking to the streets and marching around the courthouse demanding police reform at the local and state levels.

Protesters of all ages and backgrounds told WAAY 31 they came because they just want change and they want their voices to be heard.

There weren't a lot of first time protesters. They said the reason they keep coming to these protests is so local officials know that they are serious and they won't stop showing up until they see some sort of change.

"The possibility that possibly one of us could not come home, but that fear is not just during protests it's almost everyday life," Lee Priest, a protester, said.

Priest was one of the first protesters who showed up to for Thursday's protest. He said he and his son have been to several protests and want to keep going.

"I believe that it's something that I've got to get behind, me having a son who is 24 years old, he's seeing the same things that I'm seeing and there hasn't been any change so I think it's time," he said.

Younger protesters also wanted to make sure their voices were heard, even leading the march around the courthouse.

"We're younger and we're here for the long run and we don't want to see history repeat itself so we've got to start now ..." Tramane Burton, a protester said.

However, for some young protesters it was their first time out.

"We got Lex who's 9, Harding who's 5 and Judah who's 5, Humphrey who's 4 and Elliot who's 20 months," Kurt Samson, a protester, said.

Samson brought his family including his five younger children along with him. He said even though they'll probably be too young to remember what happened, and don't exactly understand what's going on it was important for them to be a part of it.

"The mind of a kid is hard to know right, but I hope that it's not just this one instance right it's this and the patterns that we instill with the way we make choices as a family and our kids and that will be the lasting impact I hope," Samson said.

Priest, Lee and Samson all said they hope the peaceful demonstration shows they came not to cause trouble but simply to accelerate change.

"We all should come together and look at what it is that we can do to make sure that this doesn't happen and continue to happen," Priest said.

Police were here at the protest and some even circled the block as protesters marched to the courthouse, but there wasn't a lot of interaction between the two groups. Overall, everything remained peaceful.


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