Resource Energy Manager improves munition plant’s energy resilience

Resource Energy Manager improves munition plant’s energy resilience
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Resource Energy Manager improves munition plant’s energy resilience
Photo By William Farrow | A Resource Efficiency Manager recently instituted a 50001 Ready team to meet energy... read more

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- A Resource Efficiency Manager attending 2019 Energy Exchange and REM Workshop in Huntsville, Alabama, received updated 50001 Ready information that led him on a path to improve energy efficiency at Radford Army Ammunition Plant, Virginia.

Radford AAP is a seven thousand acre industrial complex in southwestern Virginia. It is one of six Joint Munitions Command production facilities producing propellants to support direct fire, indirect fire, and rocket applications.

Eric Segura, Army Materiel Command REM, implemented 50001 Ready, a Department of Energy self-guided approach for facilities to establish an energy management system to the structure of ISO 50001, a voluntary global standard for energy management systems in industrial, commercial and institutional facilities.

The U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville manages the Army REM program. The program enhances installation energy program effectiveness by identifying projects and practices to reduce energy and water costs through a contracted subject-matter expert, or REM. The REMs provide vital expertise to develop site energy plans encompassing projects that achieve sustainable, renewable, secure, resilient energy management.

As a REM, Segura is one of the command’s regional energy management subject-matter expert tasked with ensuring the installations he represents meet energy and water security, resilience and reduction goals.
“Segura is our energy ‘boots on the ground’ assisting AMC energy managers to increase energy awareness and collect data for reporting site energy management,” said Melissa Johnson, Huntsville Center REM project manager.

Segura’s expertise is identifying infrastructure energy improvements and providing support for energy construction activity, documentation review and other energy-related activities.

While researching data for a public meeting regarding Radford AAP’s energy usage, Segura’s expertise led him to realize that the government-owned, contractor-operated garrison was lacking initiatives to reduce energy consumption.

Although Segura intended to highlight projects initiated there to lessen energy use, he had little data to go on.
“I realized the lack of active energy conservation projects at the site,” Segura said.

That’s when he began thinking about Radford AAP’s need to implement an energy management system, and 50001 Ready seemed to be a perfect fit.

He gathered information and organized the data in an easily understood format and arranged a meeting with DOE, BAE Systems [the contractor operating the garrison] and site government leadership.

After discussing how to manage energy more efficiently, BAE management committed to 50001 Ready and established a 50001 Ready core team at Radford AAP.

The team’s key members included Brad Jennings, Radford Energy/Environmental Lead (government oversight); Don Clark, BAE-Radford Energy Manager; Randy Gordon, BAE-Radford Utilities Manager and Jeff Howell, Radford Operations Chief (government oversight).

“They are instrumental in getting the system moving forward and are actively working with me,” Segura said.

Segura and the Radford 50001 Ready core team continues pushing forward with weekly meetings, aimed at establishing the 50001 Ready framework and moving toward defining energy saving opportunities, project development and energy savings.

“I am also the REM for Holston Army Ammunition Plant in Tennessee,” Segura said. “Holston previously accomplished ISO 50001 Ready processes, and we used their lessons learned to maneuver through the Radford process.”

Segura said Huntsville Center’s REM program — especially the Energy Exchange and REM Workshop — was instrumental in conveying how the 50001 Ready program offers a no-cost way to receive recognition for establishing a business practice around energy.

“Thanks to coaching and training provided through Huntsville Center’s REM program, I am effectively assisting AMC in their efforts to bring energy costs under control and make smart energy usage part of their daily processes.”


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