Rocket City Curling Club / Learn to Curl

Have you ever seen curling on TV and thought it might be fun to try it yourself? Here’s your chance!

Rocket City Curling Club regularly holds Learn to Curls, a 90-minute introduction to the sport of curling and how to play. Absolutely no experience is needed, and they’ll provide all of the equipment you need. They recommend dressing in warm, flexible clothing, though, with long pants and close-toed shoes.

Their Curling 101 Learn to Curls cover the following:

  • Introduction to Curling: We’ll discuss the basics of curling, the equipment used, and on-ice safety.

  • On-Ice Lesson: Our club members will take you onto the ice and teach you the basics of throwing the stones and sweeping.  We’ll start slow and work our way up to delivering the stone the length of the ice. ​

  • Game Play: We’ll talk about scoring and how the game is played.

A few of their club members will be with you the entire time and will be ready to answer any questions you might have.

Age requirements for Learn To Curls:

  • 14 or older with a parent on the ice

  • 16 or older with a waiver signed by a parent

  • 18 or older with a self-signed waiver

Kids ages 6-13 can participate in our “Kids Curling” sessions, hosted occasionally alongside our standard Learn to Curls.

They also offer a Curling 201 course, for Curling 101 graduates interested in learning more about gameplay and technique, and occasional “drop-in curling” sessions for club members and potential members to practice informally.

You can register HERE!

Date: December 19 – December 30
Time: 7:35am – 9:45pm
Price: FREE
Phone: (256)883-3774
E-mail: [email protected]